Crosland Moor Community Learning Centre

Crosland Moor Learning Centre started life 14 years ago.  It provides a crucial learning and skills service  within a very active Community Centre.


We attract learners from many different cultures and backgrounds, reflecting the different
and diverse cultures within our community.

Our vision is:


For our Centre to continue to excel, in enabling our community to interact together, in order to positively promote learning, celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds and create better opportunities for all.


Our values are to :

  • Promote equality and diversity.
  • Create a safe, positive and nurturing environment for learning.
  • Value and acknowledge everyone’s opinion
  • Empower every learner's voice.
  • Empower older people to get online and become digitial literate.
  • Offer best practice in our service delivery and provision.
  • Promote self-development, citizenship awareness and independent living for local people of all ages.
  • Tackle unemployment and poverty.   
  • Our main aim is to enable our learners to progress into sustainable employment with confidence and hope.

Some of our courses and students

We have various courses that start every 6 to 8 weeks. Just give us a ring to see what's coming up and when on 01484 462346

Customer Testimonials

"It's been great to be able to learn how to use my computer and tablet."

"It opened up a whole new world where I can communicate with my family and friends."


" I am now meeting people again and making new friends.  Loved it"